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Advanced Marketing Tactics for Smart Local Business Owners

"Discover The SMART Business Owner's Secret Weapon Against Lost Profits,
Overlooked Opportunities and Stagnating Sales"

In this special report you'll get a behind-the-scenes look the [BRAND NEW] Minimalist Marketing Formula® where you'll learn:

  • The Simple Marketing Formula to Take Your Business To 7-Figures (and Beyond) In 12 Months or Less Without Spending An Extra Cent On Advertising
  • How to strategically collaborate with other great businesses in your community to SIMPLIFY and FOCUS your marketing - virtually ELIMINATING stress and overwhelm.
  • How to dramatically increase your sales and profits by marketing LESS so you can spend more time with your friends and family.
  • The "knight in white shining armor" technique. How to increase your profits WITHOUT increasing your overhead….and your customers will love you for it. (Also called the "make money while you're at the beach with your family technique -- No, I'm not kidding.)
  • How to get complete strangers to rush to your business and instantly “disgorge” their wallets, buying even your most expensive stuff WITHOUT a peep about discounts. (I paid $6,000 to learn this technique from the “$9 Billion Man”. This is so effective, it might be the only marketing you ever need.)
  • Discover why so many small business owners are struggling, working long hours, missing time with their kids and barely eeking out a living. (It's not what you think.)
  • How to find this blazingly obvious “secret fishing hole” that’s so jammed packed with ready-to-buy customers you may NEVER have to pay for another ad again.
  • Running Groupons? Just get OTHER businesses to promote you instead. Give them a cut of the profits. You'll save a bundle and you won't end up with a bunch of discount-hunters.
  • How to “spin” your marketing around so you NEVER pay a dime until AFTER you’ve made a sale. This little shift gives you an unlimited ad budget and no one will ever figure out how you do it.
  • A sneaky (and fun) way to “trick” your competition into doing your selling for you… and without them even knowing it! (Warning: This ONLY works for truly valuable products and services. Otherwise, it will backfire on you.)
  • Want more customers? Put a deal together with your biggest competitors. Have them send their non-buyers over to you in exchange for a cut of the profits.
  • How to effortlessly build your customer base without spending a dime on the same old, ineffective, “me too” marketing that every other business is using.
  • How to get OTHER businesses to cheerfully pay for YOUR advertising expenses. Get this concept and your sales will skyrocket and your costs will plummet.
  • And a lot more...

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Joe Puskar MBA, President, Harvey & King Inc.